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In Flickr, RBSCL has a growing collection of vintage photographs from around Egypt, including a collection by the renowned historian of Islamic art and architecture K.A.C. Creswell and architectural drawings by one of Egypt’s best known architects, Hassan Fathy.

Staff Contact Information

RBSCL Main Desk: (2-02) 2615-3676
email: rbscl-ref@aucegypt.edu

Philip Croom
Associate Dean & Director, Rare Books & Special Collections Library
phone: (2-02) 2615-3655
email: pcroom@aucegypt.edu

Daad Abdel Razik
Associate Director, Rare Books & Special Collections Library
phone: (2-02) 2615-3690
email: daad@aucegypt.edu

Asmaa Abu Bakr
Coordinator, RBSCollection & Digital Copyright
phone: (2-02) 2615-2660
email: aasmaa@aucegypt.edu


Abdel Aziz Galal
Senior Cataloger, RBSCL
phone: (2-02) 2615-3781
email: abdelaziz.galal@aucegypt.edu

Hend Ezzat
Cataloging Specialist, RBSCL
phone: (2-02) 2615-2859
email: hendezzat@aucegypt.edu

Centre of Excellence for the Middle East and Arab Cultures(CEMEAC)

Amr Kamel
Manager for the CEMEAC/Curator, Egyptology & Coptic Studies
phone: (2-02) 2615-3677
email: amr@aucegypt.edu

Engy el-Gammal
Senior Specialist, Middle East Librarian
phone: (2-02) 2615-2852
email: engy.elgammal@aucegypt.edu

Mark Muehlhaeusler
Director, Center for Excellence for ME & Arab Cultures
phone: (2-02) 2615-3650
email: mark.muehlhaeusler@aucegypt.edu

Conservation Services

Ahmed Fouad
Senior Conservator
phone: (2-02) 2615-3674
email: afouad@aucegypt.edu

Amr Bekhit
phone: (2-02) 2615-3675
email: amrbekhit@aucegypt.edu

Atef Gouda
Conservation Assistant
phone: (2-02) 2615-2691
email: atef.g@aucegypt.edu

Mohamed Abu Bakr
Manager, Conservation Services & Presercation Center
phone: (2-02) 2615-3679
email: abubakrs@aucegypt.edu

Mokhtar Abdel-Alim
Assistant, Conservation
phone: (2-02) 2615-3687
email: mokhtar@aucegypt.edu

Digitization/Reproduction Services

Mahmoud Magdy
Office Support
phone: (2-02) 2615-3657
email: mahmoudmagdy@aucegypt.edu

Mohamed Abd El Rehim
Manager, Digitizing & Reprographic
phone: (2-02) 2615-3161
email: rehimm@aucegypt.edu

Mohamed Farag
Associate Convservation
phone: (2-02) 2615-3657
email: m.farag@aucegypt.edu

Mohamed Saleh
Associate Convservation
phone: (2-02) 2615-3654
email: medos@aucegypt.edu

Ryder Kouba
Digital Collection Archivist
phone: (2-02) 2615-3656
email: ryder.kouba@aucegypt.edu

Records Management

Aisha Abu Bakr Ismail
Senior Specialist, Records Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-3684
email: aisha83@aucegypt.edu

Mona Hamid
Senior Technical Specialist for Record Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-2298
email: m_hamid@aucegypt.edu

Mostafa Taha
Specialist, Records Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-4026
email: tofi@aucegypt.edu

Regional Architecture Collections

Ahmed Kadry
Associate, Research
phone: (2-02) 2615-3659
email: ahmed.osman@aucegypt.edu

Dalia Nabil
Curator of the Regional Architecture Collections
phone: (2-02) 2615-2923
email: dalia.nabil@aucegypt.edu

Noha el Sebai
Associate, Research
phone: (2-02) 2615-2868
email: nsebai@aucegypt.edu

Rersearch Services

Heba Sheta
Associate, Research
phone: (2-02) 2615-2690
email: hebasheta@aucegypt.edu

Karam Mahdy
Shelver II
phone: (2-02) 2615-2686
email: karammahdy@aucegypt.edu

Mohamed Dahroug
Office Support
phone: (2-02) 2615-2849
email: mohamed.dahroug@aucegypt.edu

Rasha Kamel
Office Support
phone: (2-02) 2615-3685
email: rasha-kamel@aucegypt.edu

RBSCL- Research Help Desk
phone: (2-02) 2615-3676
email: rbscl-ref@aucegypt.edu

Yasmine Abd-Allah
Senior Officer, Reference and Research Services
phone: (2-02) 2615-3094
email: yabdallah@aucegypt.edu

Serials, Maps and New Collection processing

Iman Morgan
Manager, Media & Serial, Reference Specialist
phone: (2-02) 2615-3653
email: emorgan@aucegypt.edu

Hany Samir
RBSCL Processor
phone: (2-02) 2615-2657
email: hanysamir@aucegypt.edu

Ola Mansour
Associate, Library
phone: (2-02) 2615-3658
email: olamansour@aucegypt.edu

University Archives

Nada Yassen
Senior Specialist, University Archives & Records Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-3167
email: naday@aucegypt.edu

Ola Seif
Reference Specialist/Curator, Photograph and Cinema Collections
phone: (2-02) 2615-3673
email: olaseif@aucegypt.edu

Stephen Urgola
University Archivist & Director, AUC Records Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-3678
email: surgola@aucegypt.edu