AUC Records Management

Location and Hours

AUC Records Management’s Records Center is located in the Administration Building, Plaza Floor, room G037. The Records Center is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The program also operates a storage annex to the Records Center in the Facilities Building.

Staff Contact Information

Stephen Urgola
University Archivist and Director of AUC Records Management
phone: (2-02) 2615-3678
email: surgola@aucegypt.edu

Katrina Righter
University Records Manager
phone: (2-02) 2615-2347
email: krighter@aucegypt.edu

Aisha Abu Bakr Ismail
Records Management Reference & Operations Assistant
phone: (2-02) 2615-3684
email: aisha83@aucegypt.edu

Mona Hamid
Records Management Assistant
phone: (2-02) 2615-2298
email: m_hamid@aucegypt.edu

Mostafa Taha
Records Management Assistant
phone: (2-02) 2615-3684
email: tofi@aucegypt.edu