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Records of AUC Presidents

AUC Collections

Charles Watson, 1919-1945 History Collection
John S. Badeau, 1944-1953 Photograph Collection, 1919-2006
Raymond F. McLain, 1954-1963 Audio-Visual Collection, 1945-2004
Thomas A Bartlett, 1963-1969 Buildings Collection
Christopher Thoron, 1969-1974 Biographical Files
Cecil K. Byrd, 1971-1978 Clippings, 1916-2005
Richard F. Pedersen, 1977-1990 Subject Files
Donald McDonald, 1990-1997 Personnel Files, 1916-1991
John D. Gerhart, 1998-2003  

Academic Departments and Research Centers

Adham Center for Television and Electronic Journalism, 1990s-2005
African Studies, 1996-2004
American Studies Program
Arabic Language Institute
Arabic Studies, 1960s-2000
Biology, 1990s-2005
Cairo Papers in Social Science, 1977-2004
Chemistry, 1960s-2005
Computer Science, 1990s-2006
Construction Engineering, 1986-2001
Continuing and Adult Education-US AID English Language Testing and Training Program, 1980s-2002
Desert Development Center, 1979-2007
Economics, 1990s-2004
English and Comparative Literature, 1960s-2000
English Language Institute
English Language Institute-Intensive English Program, 1960s-2000
Forced Migration and Refugee Studies, 1990s-2005
History, 1991-2004
Journalism and Mass Communications, 1995-2005
Management, 2000-2002
Management Center-Institute of Management and Development, 2000-2005
Mathematics, 1990s-2005
Mechanical Engineering
Middle East Studies Program, 1998-2003
Performing and Visual Arts, 1992-2004
Political Science, 1993-2000
School of Continuing Education-Arabic and Translation Division, 1994
School of Continuing Education-Business Division, 1994-2006
School of Continuing Education-Computer and Information Technology Division, 1995-2001
School of Continuing Education-Testing, Evaluation, and Quality Assurance Unit, 1992-1999
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Science, 1970s-2000
Social Research Center, 1980s-2004
Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Egyptology, 1975-2006
Writing Program, 19xx-2004

Records of Vice Presidents, Provosts, Vice Provosts

Robert Culbertson, Vice President, 1956-1958
Ashraf El Fiqi, Vice President for Student Affairs, 1970s-2004
George H. Gibson, Provost, 1986-1989
I. Moyer Hunsberger, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculties, 1980-1987
Walter R. Kuhn, Vice President for Financial Development, 1960-1963
Kenneth Manotti, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, 2003-2004
Dalton Potter, Vice President, 1958-1960
Ahmed Abdel Gaffar Saleh, Vice President, 1965-1974
Andrew Snaith, Vice President for Finance, 1970s-2005
Kenneth H. Toepfer, Vice President, 1990s
Louis Van Pelt, Assistant Vice President for Development, 1992-1994
Vice Provosts, 1980s-2002

Records of AUC Deans

Fadel Assabghy , Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, 1999-2005
John S. Badeau, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1930s
Frank Blanning, Dean of Students and Dean of Adult Education, 1960s-1980s
Cecil K. Byrd, Dean of Faculties, 1972-1974
Richard F. Crabbs, Dean of Faculties, 1965-1974
Russel Galt, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1920s-1930s
Freeman Gossett, Dean of Faculties, 1957-1958
Amr Abdel Hamid, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering, 1991-2000
Farouk El Hitami, Dean of the School of Business, Economics, and Communications, and Director of the Management Center, 1978-2003
John Hollenbach, Dean of Faculties, 1955-1957
Nicholas Hopkins, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2000-2004
C. Worth Howard, Dean of Faculties, 1920-1954
Thomas A. Lamont, Dean of Faculties, 1970-1994
Robert S. McClenahan, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 1920-1937
Jan Montassir, Dean of Students, 1980s-2000s
Abdel Kader Namani, Acting Dean of Students, 1951-1952
Abdel Kader Namani, Dean of Undergraduate Faculty, 1958-1961
Cynthia Nelson, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1992-2000
Morgan S. Odell, Dean of Faculties, 1961-1963
Shahira El Sawy, Dean of Libraries, 1970-2007
Marion L. Shane, Dean of Faculties, 1963-1967

Records of Directors and other Administrators

John Blumberg, Fundraiser, 1953-1954
A. Edward Campbell, Fundraiser, 1945
Wendell Cleland, Director of Extension, 1920s-1940s
Harlan D. Conn, Bursar, 1945-1954
Nazif Deif, Sequester, 1969-1970
Jesse E. Duggan, University Librarian, 1972-1985
Hussein Amin Fawzy, Sequester, 1970-1987
Amr Ali Ibrahim, Director of Executive Programs of Engineering and Science Services, 1993-1999
L. Stanley Kelley, Fundraiser, 1947-1951
Anna B. Lister, Controller, 1930s-1970s
Raymond F. McLain, Chancellor, 1963-1965
Everett Moore, University Librarian, 1970-1972
Amr K. Mortagy, Director of the Management Center, 2002-2007
Kenneth J. Oberemt, University Librarian, 1988-1994
Smith Richardson, University Librarian, 1985-1988
John Rodenbeck, Director of the AUC Press, 1975-1983
Hussein Said, Sequester, 1967-1969
Kenneth Saunier, Director of the Office of Planning and Development and Dean of Summer School, 1978-1984
Karl V. Schieren, Director of the Office of Project and Grant Development, and Director of External Relations, 1961-1985
Don Shumaker, Fundraiser, 1946-1948
Mason Rossiter Smith, Director of the AUC Press, 1970-1974
Herbert W. Vandersall, Registrar, 1920s-1950s
Lesley Wilkins, Library Associate Director, 1994-1997
Theodore O. Yoder, Assistant Director of the Extension Division, 1927-1951
University Librarians, 1949-1970
Director of Web Communications, 1998-2000
Directors of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library, 1980s-2000
Directors of the Desert Development Center, 1985-2007

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Meetings, 1917-1983
James W. Barco, Vice Chairman, 1965-1970
J. Edward Dirks, Chairman, 1960-1967
Charles J. Hedlund, Chairman, 1980
Douglas Horton, Chairman, 1948-1957
George Innes, Secretary, 1914-1921
Kenneth H. Toepfer, Executive Secretary, 1990-1996
Hermann A. Lum, Executive Secretary, 1920s-1940s
Ward N. Madison, Executive Secretary, 1940s-1950s
Charles O’Connor, Executive Secretary, 1970-1981
E. E. Olcott, Treasurer, 1918-1919
Thomas A. Lamont, Executive Secretary, 1983-1987
Christopher Thoron, Executive Secretary, 1966-1969
Arnold C. Tovell, Executive Secretary, 1996

Faculty, Staff, and Student Service Offices

Academic Computing Services, 1999-2004
Alumni Affairs, 1920s-2000
AUC Press, 1959-2006
Center for Advising and Placement Services, 1980s-2007
Center for Arabic Study Abroad, 1969-2002
Core Curriculum Office, 1980s-2003
Development, 1963-2000
Freshman Advising, 1982-2004
Graduate Admissions
Housing, 1962-2005
Institutional Planning, Assessment, Research, and Testing, 1990s-2000
Library, 1980s-2005
Library Media Center, 1968-1973
Library Special Services, 1966-1982
Model United Nations and Model Arab League, 1987-2004
Rare Books and Special Collections Library, 1990s
Registrar’s Office, 1947-2005
Sponsored Programs, 1973-2006
Student Development
Undergraduate Admissions, 1976-2005
University Network Services, 1994-2001

University Committees

Academic Board, 1956-1993
Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee, 1958-1993
Department Chairman Committee, 1965-1993
Facilities-Related Committees, 1924-1956
Finance Committee, 1924-1980
Graduate Committee, 1956-1993
Grievance Committee, 1979-1980
Library Committee, 1932-1993
Long Range Planning Committee, 1975-2000
Research Advisory Council, 1996-2000
Undergraduate Committee, 1956-1993
University Council, 1922-1966
University Senate, 1949-2004