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Piet Mondrian, Catalogue Raisonné

Catalogue Raisonné of the Naturalistic Works (Until early 1911)
Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of 1911-1944

This two volume catalogue raisonné is a comprehensive listing of the works of the well-known artist Piet Mondrian. The first volume covers naturalistic works until early 1911 and the second volume lists cubist and abstract works from mid 1911 until 1944

Piet Mondrian made significant contributions to the Geometric Abstract Art in the twentieth century along with Wassily Kandinsky and Kasimir Malevich. Mondrian’s Cubist and later œuvre was accompanied by an ongoing record of exhibitions, critical reviews, and personal publications, which was compiled by the author.

The two books contain color reproductions of the paintings with a brief description. In addition, an illustrated chronology describes the life and work of the artist. The catalogue raisonné is presented with a guide for the reader, displaying each painting of the two phases with a detailed description.

Joosten, Joop M., and Robert P. Welsh. Piet Mondrian: Catalogue Raisonné. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1998