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Naguib Mahfouz Collection

Naguib MahfouzThe library holds an extensive collection of the translated works of Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz (1911-2006). The author of over thirty novels (the first published in 1939), Mahfouz also wrote more than one hundred short stories and two hundred articles. In numerous works written both before and after Egypt's 1952 revolution, Mahfouz employed allegorical language, symbolism, and historical topics (as in his first novel, 1939’s Khufu’s Wisdom) to comment on and criticize contemporary Egyptian politics andMahfouz's Palace Walk society. His signature work was the 1956-1957 Cairo Trilogy (Palace Walk, Palace of Longing, Sugar Street), depicting a family's life in a traditional Cairo neighborhood during the first half of the 20th century. In 1988, Mahfouz was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first Arab-language author to be so honored.

Mahfouz's Khufu's Wisdom
The library's collection contains over 300 volumes of Mahfouz's works, in multiple editions and languages. In addition to translations in the major western European languages, the collection includes copies of Mahfouz's works in Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, and Japanese. The AUC University Archives also maintains a complete set of English translations of his novels by AUC Press, which has published over 30 of Mahfouz's works since the mid-1980s.