AUC Libraries Acceptable Behavior Guidelines

The AUC Libraries strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for collaborative, individual study and conducive to scholarly research. To succeed in this mission, the AUC Libraries team and their community of users must observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities and to allow library users to focus on their work. Most users conduct themselves responsibly, protecting all library users' rights. It is necessary to define what constitutes infringement on the rights of others. All patrons must abide by all University Policies and the Code of Student Conduct.

Some examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Deliberate vandalism or destruction of library property
  2. Abuse of library assets, equipment, furniture, and materials, such as:
    1. Lacing feet on tables and chairs
    2. Standing on furniture
    3. Mishandling equipment or computers
    4. Sticking chewing gum to furniture and mishandling
    5. Mutilating or defacing books or periodicals
  3. Mutilating or defacing, including the following:
    1.  Highlighting text
    2. Annotating in pen or pencil
    3. Making dog ears on pages
  4. Deliberately misplace library materials within the library to restrict their use by others
  5. Moving, reconfiguring, modifying, or attaching external devices (other than storage devices, such as flash drives) to any library computer)
  6. Leaving with library collections without checking them out, as this will trigger gates alarms
  7. Refusal to leave the library at closing time or during building evacuations, and respond to emergency and security gate alarms as instructed by library staff
  8. Refusal to show the University identification upon request of library staff and/or library security
  9. Disrespecting the rights of others. Verbal or physical abuse, harassment of library users or library employees, or other actions that interfere with the use of the libraries are prohibited
  10. Loud or disorderly conduct
  11. Leaving phones to ring or talking on mobile phones (except in the foyer and enclosed stairwells, where users can make brief and quiet calls)
  12. Sleeping for extended periods of time
  13. Leaving your personal belongings unattended at any time. The library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
  14. Consuming smelly or messy food and drinks in any library space. Single-serving, dry snacks and covered beverages are the only food categories permitted in the library.
  15. Leaving trash within the library

For the comfort and safety of users and the protection of library property, the staff has the authority to uphold these guidelines and to expect cooperation from all users. Users with disruptive behavior are warned that if the behavior continues, he/she will be asked to leave the library.