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Give to the Library

It is through the generosity of people like you that we are able to further expand our collections. The collections have been the recipient of numerous valuable donations of books over the years, including Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Father Pierre Riches and Anis Mansour. If you would like to contribute to our collection, we would be most grateful.

Library Donations

The library accepts both financial and in-kind donations. AUC Library also gladly accepts donations in-kind based on the Gifts-in-Kind Policy.

Gifts-in-Kind Book Donation Form

The AUC Library values gifts-in-kind from current faculty, staff and students, as well as alumni and the wider community. If you wish to give a gift-in-kind to the AUC Library, fill out the form.

Library Monetary Gifts

To make an online gift, visit AUC Giving, and select AUC Libraries as your gift designation.


The Library actively solicits and accepts gifts to enhance its collections. These may be journals that could replace missing or damaged issues or whole collections of monographs. However, the Library reserves the right to refuse any gift or conditions of donation if the restrictions are incompatible with the Library's mission or impede the Library's ability to act efficiently and responsibly in the handling of resources and the spending of funds. The Director of Collection Development attempts to discuss donations with donors before accepting them. If the gifts appear highly duplicative (particularly in the case of serials) or unsuitable for an academic library, we suggest alternative recipients. We inform all donors that the Library alone will decide whether the materials will be accepted and where they will be placed in the Library or eventually discarded. The Library is particularly open to historical rare and special information materials suitable for the Rare Books and Special Collections Library and the Main Special Collections area in the Main Library. The Library is endeavoring to become a unique and recognized information resource in certain areas in which retrospective collections are important, notably architecture, culture, economic conditions, Egyptology, Islamic literature, Middle East politics, music, religion.

Gifts are selected for addition to the collection in consideration of the gifts' physical condition and usefulness. In all cases, the Collection Development librarians implement the selection criteria stated in the collection policies when considering gifts and their placement in the collections.

Replacement copies of journals are always welcome. Long runs of journals to which the Library does not currently subscribe will only be considered if extremely relevant to current programs and research. Gift subscriptions may be considered but only if unconditional and with some guarantee of ongoing support from the donor.

The following considerations should apply to the acceptance of donations and gifts to the Library:

  • The Library will not accept gifts that are not useful for the purpose of study and research by the AUC community.
  • The Library owns the right of ownership once gifts are donated by the donor. Donations are irrevocable.
  • The Library may dispose of gifts to its best advantage. Such disposition may include:
    • To retain the gift in the Library
    • To transfer it to other departments of the University.
    • To donate gifts that are needed to other national libraries.
      Appropriate recognition should be given to the donor upon his/her request, by placing a label or plaque on the inside of the front page of the gift showing the donor's name.