Upload a Thesis or Dissertation

Step 1

Prepare your thesis according to theOffice of Graduate Studies Thesis Preparation and Submission Guidelines.

Step 2

Before you submit your thesis to the repository, you must obtain the following signed documents:

  • Signature sheet, complete with all required signatures
  • Proof of IRB approval/waiver
  • Turnitin.com receipt

Step 3

Upload your thesis to the repository:

  1. Visit the AUC Knowledge Fountain
  2. Log in, or create an account using your AUC email address
  3. Click on “student submissions” on the left-hand menu, then select “thesis and dissertations”
  4. Read the submission guidelines carefully, and follow the instructions on the screen

NOTE: In the last step of the submission process, you will be required to upload scanned copies of your signature form, IRB approval/waiver, and Turnitin receipt. Failure to do so will delay approval of your submission.

File Formats

Submit your thesis or dissertation in PDF format (if prepared in Microsoft Word or another word processing program, save as a .pdf or .pdfa).

Accompanying materials, including photographs, videos, and datasets, may also be submitted in the accepted file formats detailed below:

  • Compressed Data Files: ZIP files
  • Images: .jpg or .tif
  • Presentations: OpenDocument Presentation (.odp), Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Sound: .wav or.mp3
  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Text: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx; those format will automatically be converted to PDF format); PDF (.pdf or .pdfa), OpenDocument Text (.odt)
  • Vector graphics drawings: OpenDocument Graphics (.odg), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)  
  • Video: .avi or .mp4

Late Submission Graduation Clearance           

You will not receive your graduation invitations until you submit an electronic final approved version of your thesis or dissertation to the repository. The deadline for submission is provided by theUniversity Registrar. Also, see the graduation information to confirm the due date for your graduation semester.

If you submit after the deadline, you will receive a clearance message by email within two business days of submission. Print and present this email to the University Registrar to receive your graduation tickets. This is only required for those graduating from thesis-required programs.


Hardcopies of AUC thesis or dissertations are no longer required by AUC Libraries.