Off-Campus Access Rights

The AUC Library subscribes to many electronic resources, including electronic journals, books, indexes, abstracts, and statistical databases.

Access to electronic resources is governed by legally binding contracts between the library and its vendors. Under the terms and conditions of these contracts, the Library is permitted to provide full access to clearly defined categories of users but only limited access to others.

A-Z Databases

The following categories of users can access most subscribed resources on- or off-campus using their AUC email username and password.

  • Currently enrolled AUC undergraduate and graduate students
  • Current AUC faculty 
  • Current Adjunct AUC faculty
  • AUC Emeritus professors and librarians
  • Current full-time AUC staff 
  • Current full-time SCE faculty
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholars
  • Research and teaching assistants

AUC faculty and staff on an approved leave of absence may request off-campus access for up to one year. The requester’s department head must submit an email to stating the employee’s name and AUC ID number and confirming his/her last work date and return to work date. The department head must email if the employee’s status or leave changes.

Due to vendors’ license restrictions, the following categories of users may access subscribed resources while on campus only. No off-campus access is allowed.

  • AUC part-time staff 
  • SCE part-time faculty, staff and students
  • External users
  • Alumni
  • Faculty spouses
  • Research associates
  • Retired faculty and staff

A few databases, such as CAPMAS and Tashriaat, can only be accessed within the Library building. Users can access these resources with a username and password and only by using the library PCs. For inquiries, contact the Library's help desk.