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Teaching faculty at AUC may place materials on reserve, in order to ensure that students in their courses find the material when they need it.

Reserve requests should be submitted through the Online Reserve Form.

  • Observe the detailed guidelines below.

  • Request forms should be submitted at least 15 days before the beginning of the semester to ensure that material is available in time for classes. 

  • Reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

  • Print materials that are not accessible at this time may be made available in part via electronic reserves, within the limits set by law. 


Hardcopy Books and Textbooks

Instructors are encouraged to rely on electronic materials from the vast collection of licensed databases, e-books, EKB, and from the many sites with Open Educational Resources, including the Open Textbook Library.

Additionally, LLT will do its best to:

  • Purchase electronic versions of requested materials if available at a reasonable cost. Submit requests here. The Library can inquire into the availability of any electronic book title, but kindly note that electronic textbooks are rarely available to the Library for institutional access. Faculty should contact the AUC Bookstore at [email protected].
  • Support faculty by identifying alternative resources. Contact us directly at [email protected].
  • Scan or digitize print materials (within the copyright limitations): For articles and book chapters, place a scan request here.

Journal Articles

The use of journal articles for reserves is subject to copyright and licensing restrictions. Refer to the LLT copyright policy for more information.

  • Print journal issues or volumes will not be placed on reserve; however, photocopies or offprints of articles may be used instead, subject to certain conditions in copyright law.

  • E-journals: All publishers (except Harvard Business Review) allow the use of direct links to journal articles. 

    • Instructors may post these direct links themselves in Blackboard. Be sure to use a DOI, or ‘permanent link’, rather than the URL of the article PDF. 

Electronic Reserves

Some copyrighted material may be made available through AUC’s electronic course reserve system, in accordance with Egyptian and US law. Accordingly, the library is unable to copy or scan:

  • An entire book

  • An entire journal issue

Furthermore, the AUC Library will not place materials on electronic reserves if it judges that the nature, scope, or extent of the use is beyond the legal limits.

In compliance with the statutory requirement, the electronic reserves system will display on a preliminary or introductory screen a copyright notice, consistent with the notice described in section 108 of the Copyright Act.

Important Notice: Egyptian and United States Copyright law allows libraries to provide copies under certain conditions. One of these conditions is that the copy or reproduction may not be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research and that only one copy be provided for scholarly purposes unless copyright fees are paid. Additional copies from this computer system may be in violation of copyright laws and are therefore prohibited.

Materials will only be made available for the semester the class is being taught. All material will be removed from the electronic course reserves system after the semester has ended.

The AUC Libraries will routinely monitor the effectiveness of this policy and make every effort to ensure that library services are in compliance with copyright law.