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The Main Library includes the departments listed below. The departments of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library are listed separately. They can be checked here.

  • The resource acquisitions and management department places orders and processes payment for all print and electronic resources, including monographs, audio-visual materials, maps, periodicals and databases. This unit also manages the processing of donations and the bindery process.

    Lamia Issa El Nakib
    Associate Director, Resource Acquisitions and Management
    t: +20.2.2615.3196

    Libraries Learning and Technologies Building, Garden level and first floor

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  • The AUC Library’s administration is overseen by the dean of libraries and learning technologies (LLT) and is executed by her office management and administrative staff members. 

    Lamia Eid
    Interim Dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies
    t: +20.2.2615.3043

    Dina Hussein
    Director, Libraries and Learning Technologies Administration and Operations
    t: +20.2.2615.3647

    Library and Learning Technologies Building, Second Floor

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  • The Library automation systems exist to provide direction and support to the computing needs of the AUC Libraries. It supports almost 470 PCs and laptops and manages more than 10 servers. It is responsible for coordinating, installing and maintaining all computers, software, and related equipment in both the Main Library and the Rare Books and Special Collection Library. Moreover, it manages the integrated library system and discovery layer.

    t: +20.2.2615.2856

    Library and Learning Technologies Building, Ground Floor

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  • The cataloging department organizes the knowledge contained in the resources, both print and online, collected by the library so that it is easily accessible to the users looking for this information and presents this via the online catalog.

    Usama Salama
    Cataloging and Metadata, Manager
    t: +20.2.2615. 2864

    Library and Learning Technologies Building, First Floor

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  • The public service department provides a range of services such as circulation, reserve, research support, technical support, lending equipment, and devices services, document delivery, accessibility services, external users services, 24/7 virtual research support, and other critical services.

    Mary Shoukry
    Associate Director, Library Services
    t: +20.2.2615.3776

    Library and Learning Technologies Building, Plaza Level

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  • The collections department's role is to ensure that current and future faculty and students have access to the scholarly content required to successfully complete their learning, teaching and research. Collections consist of cataloging and resource acquisition, and management.

    Peter Philps
    Director for Collections
    t: +20.2.2615.3608

    For further information, visit our Collection Development Policy. Statistics about our Library holdings can be found in the current issue of the AUC Factbook.

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  • Research and Instruction Services provides assistance to all AUC Main Library users in accessing and using library materials and services. See the reference assistance guide for details on the services and resources available.

    t: +20.2.2615.3778 

    Library and Learning Technologies Building, Plaza Level

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