LALT 1020: Libraries and Learning Technologies

LALT 1020 course lays the groundwork for building 21st century research skills. Information literacy (IL) is fundamental to all disciplines at the University and is a pillar of lifelong learning in the 21st century online, digital, informational age. This course is designed to help undergraduate students concurrently enrolled in RHET 1020 develop their research skills through exposure to IL concepts and library technologies. Students will learn to find, evaluate, and cite information in an academic context. They will examine concepts of popular and scholarly information, peer review, primary and secondary sources, and authority, and explore how those intersecting ideas impact their academic research. Furthermore, students will become comfortable using tools and resources in the library to support their learning and research throughout their AUC degree program, in addition to applying these skills later in their life and career.

  1. Find, access, and accurately cite appropriate sources for academic classes and research
  2. Understand how information is categorized and organized in the scholarly community
  3. Judge the authority of different information sources for your academic classes and research
  4. Determine whether the information you encounter each day is accurate and reliable
  5. Examine ethical and privacy issues that apply to your research and use of information