Using Reserve Materials and Open-stacks Books, Journals, and Theses

Open-stacks Books, Journals, and Theses

The Rare Books and Special Collections Library holds a variety of contemporary books and journals related to its collecting areas (see the homepage for Collection Strengths and Curatorial Areas), which may be found in the RBSCL’s third floor open stacks. Theses completed for AUC’s Islamic Art and Architecture Master’s degree program and some older materials may also be found in those stacks as well.  

These materials are cataloged in the AUC Library Catalog.  Users may browse the RBSCL’s third-floor open stacks to select books and journals for use on-site in the RBSCL. These items do not circulate outside the library, and do not need to be checked out from the RBSCL Research Services Desk. When finished, books and journals should be left on library tables, and not reshelved by users.

Reserve Materials

Books and articles placed on reserve for classes are available from the RBSCL Research Services Desk.  

Instructors wishing to place items on reserve should contact Research Services Desk staff at and provide a class syllabus.


Reserve Materials Borrowing Policies and Procedures

Users must complete a reserve slip, including:

  • User's full name
  • AUC identification card bar code number, or the name of the affiliated institution for a non-AUC user
  • Book call numbers in full, with date or copy or volume numbers, if listed
  • Article title and author's name

Users must leave a valid identification card (AUC or another institution) at the reference desk when using reserve materials.

Users are accountable for items borrowed on their ID card, so it is not permitted to let another person use your ID card or to borrow items for another person.

A maximum of 3 reserve items may be borrowed at a time.

Reserve materials (except those borrowed overnight, see below)may not be taken out of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library third floor location.

Items may be borrowed for two hours. After two hours, items may be renewed. If the book is not renewed at the reference desk, an overdue fine of two pounds per hour must be paid. Reserve items should be returned to the Research Services Desk after two hours. Do not leave reserve items on the tables or on the reshelving carts.

Reserve items may be renewed at the conclusion after the two hour borrowing period unless the item is needed by another user.

Overnight borrowing is available to AUC students and faculty members, for one overnight period beginning at  5:00 p.m. (earlier during periods when the library closes earlier). If there are multiple copies of a book available, the first may be borrowed at 3:00 p.m. (earlier during periods when the library closes earlier).

Overnight borrowing is limited to up to three reserve items. Items labeled "Library Use Only" (a red circle or semicircle with the letters "LUO" on the cover) may not be borrowed overnight.

Overnight borrowed items must be returned by 10:00 a.m. the next working day. Users who return books after 10:00 a.m. must pay an overdue fine.

Overnight borrowers who regularly return items late may lose overnight borrowing privileges.